Teaching Resources

A principal responsibility of the Teaching and Learning Center is to keep abreast of the literature on teaching and learning, to synthesize and share this information, and to create spaces where discussion, research and development can take place. 


Active Learning Exercises

Eight Active Learning Exercises by Michelle Kuo and Kevin Capehart.pdf

Group Work Best Practices 

AUP Mellon Best Practice Seminar.pdf

Useful Resources

Harvard University ablconnect

New York Times Fear of Failure

Useful Links

AUP Tech Blog (AUP Blog for technological advances in education)

Scholarly Studies (Harvard's view on using technology in the classroom)

Laptops in the Classroom (The Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan discusses the use of laptops in the classroom)

Technology and Student Performance (The Centre for Economic Performance's paper entitled "Ill Communication: Technology, Distraction & Student Performance")

Digital Distractions in the Classroom (An article from The Commons at The University of Nebraska-Lincoln entitled "Digital Distractions in the Classroom: Student Classroom Use of Digital Devices for Non-Class Related Purposes")

Smartphones in the Classroom (The Atlantic asks the question: Do Smartphones Have a Place in the Classroom?)

Electronics as Learning Tools (This article from the National Education Association includes tips from a veteran teacher on using electronics as learning tools)

Banning Laptops in Classrooms (This New Yorker article argues "The Case for Banning Laptops in the Classroom")

Teaching with Blogs (Teaching with Blogs: An Interview with Humberto Garcia)


Multitasking in Learning Environment (The Journal of Computing in Higher Education explores the effects of multitasking in learning environments)

Harmful Effects of Multitasking (Stanford researchers discuss the harmful effects of multitasking with technology on tweenage girls, and the healing effects of face-to-face communication)

Written vs Typed Notes (This article defends written notes over typed ones)

High-tech Teaching Methods (The Chronicle of Higher Education discuss Professors' choices around high-tech teaching methods)

Don't Ban Technology in the Classroom (Another article from the Chronicle of Higher Education argues that banning electronic devices in the classroom is not the answer)

Defending the Lecture (Jacobin Magazine's "In Defense of the Lecture")

Why We Can't Look Away from Screens (This New York Times article explains "Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens")

Mobile Phones and Learning Outcomes (This article asks the major question: "Do mobile devices in the classroom really improve learning outcomes?")

Laptops in Meetings (New York Times Article against laptops in lecture and meetings)