Final Exam Schedule

Exceptional Strike Provisions apply for Final Exams in Fall 2019. Please refer to the updated Final Exam Schedule and note the following:

  1. We have revised the exam time schedule so that it runs from 9:30am to 6pm: morning exams to begin at 9h30-12h00, followed by 12h30-15h and ending with 15h30-18h00.
  2. If there is a classroom indicated for the course, the exam is to be held in that classroom and at that time.
  3. If there is no classroom assigned, the course may be using the time slot but does not require a classroom. Your Professor will have informed you.
  4. For some exams that are being held online, students should be very aware that the exam will be given in the Paris time zone.

Scheduling Information

Please find below useful advising information regarding the Spring 2020 course offering:



Please note theses recent updates to the Spring 2020 Course Offering: 

Courses Cancelled:

  • PY3091C: Topics: Guilt & the Return of the Repressed
  • PL4094: Thesis Workshop
  • AR2091: Printmaking II
  • EC4090: Senior Seminar
  • HI/LW2008: Comparative Study of Slavery in Global Context

Courses Added or Updated: 

  • FM/ME3076: Arab and African Cinema has a new title and updated description - read the description here.
  • CL/LI3091 Topics: Empires of Language: Premodern Cosmopolitanism with Professor Sneharika Roy has a new title and an updated description – read the description here.
  • A new section of FR1200CCF has opened. FR1200CCF H is offered MTWR at 10:35am and W at 12:10pm.
  • PO4091D Topics: Civil Society: International & Comparative Perspectives, taught by professor Sharon Weill TF3; this course requires faculty approval to register.
  • EC/PO2091 Topics: The Politics and Economics of Inequality, taught by professor Carla Canelas MR1
  • AR 2091 Experimental Drawing, taught by professor Jonathan Shimony W6-7

Other Information: 

  • BA4018 Multinational Business Finance will not be offered in Spring 2020; students can instead take BOTH BA4091A Sustainable Finance (2 credits) AND BA4091B Behavioral Fiannce (2 credits) for an automatic substitution for BA4018.



Updates to the Summer 2020 Course Offering will be posted below.