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Health & Well-being

The Health and Wellness Division of the Student Development Office is an important resource as you navigate the challenges linked to adapting to life in Paris and your higher education at AUP.

The Health and Wellness team includes the health office staff, on-campus guidance counselors, and off-campus therapists. All the members of the team strive to maintain and improve your overall experience at AUP.



Our mission is to support you and help you navigate smoothly through the French health system:

  • We ensure you are enrolled in our health insurance plan or have a proper exemption
  • We assist you with medical appointments, including doctors and specialists
  • We assist you in finding the right place to get: blood work, x-ray/MRI/ultrasound exams, STD tested, contraception advice
  • We support you and direct you to our guidance counselor if needed
  • We guide you through the reimbursement process
  • We assist you in your social security number request


Sometimes students need a friendly ear to discuss something that is bothering them, or to help them make an important decision. The counseling services at the Student Development Office are designed to offer a wide variety of support and guidance to students on and off campus, ranging from getting organized to dealing with ongoing psychological issues. In a safe and confidential environment, the student guidance counselor provides one-on-one support either through drop-in or scheduled meetings on-campus, or scheduled appointments with one of our off-campus mental health care providers. The counseling support at AUP seeks to empower students to overcome hurdles, manage stress, adapt to a foreign city or country, and achieve academic success.