MSc in International Management, Sustainability Systems Track

The Sustainability Systems Track of the MSc in International Management reflects the need for future managers and leaders to understand the complex interplay of political, economic, environmental and social systems as they strive to build and manage the organization of the future. The track offers specialized coursework on sustainable development theory and practice informed by critical approaches, complexity theory and change management. Moreover, you will focus on research and literacy skills to better understand and cooperate with the different functional areas that are essential for meaningful sustainable management practices, such as engineering and science, and information technology.

Pursuing an MSc in International Management, Sustainability Systems Track has helped enrich my analytical skills while considering new critical and creative approaches to the social challenges facing today’s global enterprises.

Hope Stewart G'16

Understanding contemporary management in a sustainable development context


Alongside the core modules of the MSc in International Management, you will take the following track-specialty courses:

BA5004 Sustainable Asset Management

Throughout this course students will explore, critique and utilize various methods of sustainable investment including socially responsible investing and shareholder activism, green bonds, microfinance, and impact investing.


BA5061 Sustainability Management

This is a “big .picture” comprehensive course covering sustainability management topics. It cuts across the whole spectrum of business and management with a focus on sustainability (economic, social, ethical and ecological returns). Climate Change, the greatest unmet challenge facing contemporary managers and organizations, is a particular focus. We will look at sustainability issues presenting “wicked” and untamed (complex) contexts for managers and evaluate how current theories and practices perform and fail to perform in these contexts. May be taken twice for credit.



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