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The Cultural Program is a hallmark of AUP’s unique approach to a global liberal arts education. Every year since AUP's founding, students have participated in Cultural Program study trips that take them beyond the borders of Paris to explore different subjects, countries, cultures, languages and ways of thinking – from Sweden to Ghana, India to Sarajevo and Belgrade. Spending just one weekend abroad can be enough to change a student's life.

By grounding academic theory in a real-world context, the Cultural Program allows students to develop critical-thinking skills and interdisciplinary approaches that will continue to inspire them as they embark on international careers. Close collaboration with faculty and peers helps open students’ minds to new ideas and varied perspectives.

Many global explorers arrive at the University wanting to immerse themselves in an international setting; the Cultural Program provides a launchpad for doing so skillfully and sensitively. It’s an experience that stays with students long after graduation.

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Coup de Pouce Fund

Coup de Pouce provides travel grants to any students taking a class with a study trip component. Coup de pouce is French for “a little help,” and when it comes to supporting the Coup de Pouce program, a little help goes a long way – to Morocco, to India, to Iceland or to many other destinations across the globe. Giving to the Coup de Pouce fund means you are helping global explorers become lifelong learners, able to engage with diverse cultures around the world and apply creative thinking and responsible approaches to real-world situations.

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