The Student Development Office selects and trains student advisors who are available throughout the academic year to ensure incoming students are welcomed into the AUP community. Your student advisor will lead you on a unique selection of social events and activities throughout the week of Orientation, as well as accompany you throughout the semester to answer questions, direct you to relevant campus services, update you about student activities and help you settle smoothly into your new Parisian life. Take the time to get to know your student advisor. Don’t hesitate to start a virtual conversation via Teams or grab a coffee and chat with them if you have any question. Consider this a smart, fast-track approach getting integrated and maximizing opportunities during your first semester at AUP.

“My Student Advisor was outstanding. He was frequently in touch to make sure all was well and he also put together a weekly online meeting via Teams for our group that went through orientation together. He also helped me when I needed to move to a different apartment. The Student Advisor Program is invaluable and I recommend you keep this for future students, especially in the times of uncertainty”

Incoming student Fall 2020

Student Advisor Events

Student advisors are on hand to assist you with various issues during the entire week of Orientation and throughout the semester. They also organize events and excursions designed especially for you and the other students assigned to your student advisor’s group. 

As a new undergraduate or graduate student, you benefit from exclusive access to Student Advisor Program trips and activities, which may include a welcome picnic at the Eiffel Tour, a boat trip down the Seine and more. These events can also be a way to expand your social and professional networks and to make lifetime friends. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to visit Paris and its neighboring top destinations!

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Apply to be a Student Advisor

The Student Advising Program depends on the active participation of student advisors. Student advisors commit to a one-semester, part-time position that begins with training before new student Orientation and that ends with the last day of class each semester. Student advisors report to the Office of Student Development, under the direct supervision of the Vice President for Security, Operations and Student Services, the Dean of Student Development and Student Development Helpdesk staff. Student advisors also collaborate with Residential Life staff and other units.

Specific responsibilities of the student advisors include welcoming students at Orientation and remaining available throughout the semester to answer questions and provide support to new students; helping to organize excursions, trips and activities for incoming students. Have you been at AUP for at least one or two semesters and would you like to participate in the program? Contact for more information.