Paris as Classroom

AUP students walking in Paris

  • Learning in Paris

    On-site Classes

    Many courses at AUP involve visits to museums and cultural sites around the city, including the Louvre.

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  • Working in Paris


    Internship offers students a different perspective on city life while gaining professional experience.

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  • Living in Paris

    Building connections

    AUP students forge deep bonds with the city through student initiatives that connect them with different communities around Paris.

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  • Our Campus in Paris

    Centrally Located

    The AUP campus in the 7th arrondissement places students right in the middle of this vibrant city.

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Why Choose Paris?

Paris is an international city. At AUP, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of experiences and perspectives in a cosmopolitan capital of business and culture. Paris is also a city of opportunity: it’s home to global companies, renowned museums and international organizations. You’ll engage in personal and professional development as part of daily life. 

AUP emphasizes engaged scholarship, encouraging you to apply your studies in class to the changing world around you. Art historians find art and architecture out on the street as much as in museums. Communications majors volunteer with social justice organizations, engaging directly with Parisian communities. Management students take internships at multinational companies as much as with innovative startups. No matter your major, you’ll develop a personal pathway through higher education that makes the most of the varied perspectives and unique experiences on offer in the City of Light. 

Our Campus in Paris

Our campus is in the 7th arrondissement, right in the center of Paris, offering student easy access to all the benefits Paris has to offer. Our neighborhood is home to world-famous museums like the Musée d'Orsay and Quai Branly Museum, as well as popular landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Our neighbors include many foreign embassies, and international organizations like UNESCO. We're also neighbors with the French National Assemby, one of the legislative chambers of the French government, as well as several French Ministry buildings including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education. 

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The AUP campus is currently closed to visitors and campus tours are not available. In the meantime, you are can explore our campus virtually through our online campus tour.