Program Overview

Diplomacy and international law are critical components in addressing issues of seminal public concern. As populations flee repressive regimes and political issues have ramifications beyond any one state’s borders, the need for real-world solutions and the leaders who can implement them is paramount.

Core Courses

Our interdisciplinary courses are designed to help you think critically about complex diplomatic and international legal issues in real-life contexts, while applying theory to practice and addressing some of the key questions facing the world today. 

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Learning Environment
University of Oxford International Human Rights Law Summer Programme

As your final requirement for the MADIL degree, you will put your intellectual experiences to use at the Oxford Law School. While studying there, you will begin your last step in preparing for a successful career as a human rights professional, by taking courses that focus on the theory and practice of international human rights law. You will also choose elective courses to help you acquire specialized knowledge in a particular area of study. In addition to mandatory and elective courses, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a career panel and attend a lecture series by some of the most prominent professionals in the field. This four-week course is held during the summer at Oxford University in England. 

Alumni Careers
Success Around the World

Our alumni live all over the world. Whether they’re leading companies, pursuing further education, or participating in government, they’re creating change wherever they go. 

Alumni Stories

Jean-Baptiste Matton '15

Master of Arts International Affairs

I decided to apply to AUP’s MA program after I graduated from a course at l'Ecole de Guerre.