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Spotlight on our Faculty

There’s no getting around it: our professors are amazing. Not only do they come from world-renowned schools, not only are they international—both in terms of where they’ve come from and where they’ve gone—but they’re also excited to meet you, teach you, hear your ideas, and guide you on your path. Our professors will act as both mentors and collaborators, as they push you to question and reflect, while engaging with you on projects that will bring you into contact with other disciplines, professions, and institutions, here and elsewhere.

Sneharika Roy

Faculty Spotlight

We’ll be coming to terms with the broader historical narrative of France’s colonial past that, in a way, the City of Light dazzles us out of seeing.

Elena Berg

Faculty Spotlight

Even though I was born and raised mostly in the US, I’ve been living abroad for almost half of my life now.

Stephen Sawyer

Faculty Spotlight

Ultimately, we want the students to explore what they’re interested in while channeling their passion.

Hervé Vanel

Faculty Spotlight

During my AUP interview, I met with colleagues and students, and immediately felt that I would be able to express myself freely and fully while teaching here.

Dominique Mougel

Faculty Spotlight

As a French person, teaching at AUP is an especially original experience, one that I couldn’t have had if I’d worked in a French institution.

Michelle Kuo

Faculty Spotlight

I’ve mostly worked in the trenches and now I try to tap into the energy of students who want to work in the trenches, too.

Faculty Achievements

Our faculty’s scholarly work is internationally recognized, widely published and generously sponsored by many organizations and private gifts. AUP faculty research covers a wide range of subjects of broad impact. It addresses, often through interdisciplinary approaches, pressing world questions and scholarly inquiries. The creative production of AUP faculty is socially engaged and immersed in the international artistic arena.


A wide range of books are published by AUP professors every year.

Conferences & Talks

AUP faculty give Workshops, Conference Presentations and Invited Talks.


Articles, Essays & Book Chapters published by AUP professors.

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