As a returning student you must maintain the validity of your residency permit, your titre de séjour, throughout the duration of your studies. This means you’ll be expected to renew your residency permit every year you’re a student at AUP. It’s illegal to live in France under an expired titre de séjour or a tourist visa with the intention of studying.

If you’re a citizen of France or any other European Union country, you don’t need a residency permit. All registered non-European Union students must have a valid titre de séjour in order to study at AUP.

Renewing your residency

Three months before your residency visa expires, please come to the Student Immigration Services Office to discuss your renewal options. You’ll be given a list of required documents and schedule an appointment for your renewal. Your visa renewal application must be complete and ready for processing two months prior to the expiration date.

Remember: your titre de séjour may expire during the summer, so you must renew your status before you leave for summer vacation. Don’t schedule any trips or buy tickets before you’ve discussed your renewal options with us. Also, your passport must have a validity of at least six months in order to launch your renewal procedure.

Any renewal application submitted to French authorities after the expiry date will require payment of late fee penalties: 180€ if the application is submitted one day to three months after the expiry date and 417€ if it’s submitted three months after it expired.

Procedure for the fall semester

If your residency permit expires in October, November, or December, you must sign up to attend one of the renewal sessions that take place from the day after drop/add registration until October. Students will be informed via their AUP email account about the renewal sessions’ schedule. Students will need to fill out a renewal application and bring the required documents on the day the session is scheduled.

Make sure to be proactive about this process! Some students only have a short time between the day that their residency card expires and the day they start the renewal, so it’s crucial to take care of this requirement as soon as possible.

Once complete, we’ll update your records and immediately send the renewal application to the French authorities to be processed. We cannot guarantee any specific time frame for the processing as this is up to the Préfecture de Police. However, if you bring us the correct documents on time, you’ll be issued a temporary card (récépissé) and a convocation to pick up your titre de séjour.

Procedure for the spring semester

If your residency permit expires in January, February, March, or April, you must contact Student Immigration Services no later than three months before the expiration date.

If your residency permit expires in May, June, July, August, or September, you must contact Student Immigration Services no later than the first week of March to launch your renewal procedure.

Required documents for the renewal application:

  • Passport
  • VLS-TS (OFII sticker+ the long term visa) or the titre de séjour to be renewed
  • Birth certificate (scanned copy accepted, English or French, must mention both parents’ names)
  • Adoption certificate (if applicable, scanned copy accepted, English or French)
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable, scanned copy accepted, a translation is required for all non-roman languages)
  • Certificate of divorce (if applicable and your passport and birth certificate have different last names)
  • Bank certificate or attestation de solde bancaire (this provides proof that you hold a bank account in France. This must include your full name, your personal address in France (Paris, 75), as well as a minimum of 615€ in your account. The document must be dated and cannot be older than two months)
  • Proof of housing (a housing insurance certificate under the student’s name no older than two months)
  • Transcripts (for returning students who previously attended AUP, the Student Immigration Services Office will issue the transcript. Students registered at another university in France before coming to AUP must bring an official transcript and enrollment certificate)
  • Four passport photos (please contact us for photo specifications)
  • 49€ tax stamps (timbres fiscaux)


Once your residency is renewed

Once you have applied and received your new residency permit, you must stop by the Student Immigration Services Office to present your new residency card and update your record. As long as your record is not updated, you have not officially completed your residency application.