Cultural Program

You could lose yourself in Paris, in Europe, in the world. With all the galleries and museums, concert halls and opera houses, villages and towns—and some so temptingly close—there’s an endless amount to see, to know, and to learn. What you need is a guide, someone intimately familiar with the museums of Florence, the back streets of Prague, or the ins and outs of Berlin.

Bring your classroom study to life with faculty-led study trips to some of the most fascinating places in Europe and beyond. The trips are closely tied to AUP’s academic curriculum so that you can experience in an immediate and tangible way the ideas you’ve learned about in books and lectures. You can also benefit from more local cultural excursions and activities. 


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Study Trips

Take an art history trip to London, study sustainability in Sweden, discuss the business climate with entrepreneurs in Istanbul, or visit human rights NGOs and war crimes courts from the Bosnian war in Sarajevo and Belgrade. Though most trips last one to four days and take you to destinations within France and Europe, some are longer and can take you to other continents. 

Cultural Excursions and Activities

Cultural excursions are fun one or two-day trips that take advantage of the many opportunities close to Paris and within France. They’re not associated with an academic course but you’ll definitely have a fun educational experience.

You could learn to make macarons from a professional French pâtissier or take an oenology and wine tasting class. Maybe you’ll visit the MAC/VAL, a contemporary art museum in suburban Paris dedicated to exploring the intersection between art and social cohesion, or travel to Normandy’s D-Day sites to discover an important intersection of French and American history. 

Summer Program Trips

The Cultural Program Office offers summer program students the ability to opportunity one of the cultural excursion trips outside of Paris through our Explore France Series, as well as one of our Discover Paris Series activities right here in the city. 

"I loved my trip to Champagne. It was an enriching, as well as educational experience that enhanced my appreciation of the cultural heritage the Champagne region and city of Reims carry for the French people. Moreover, it inspired me to launch a career in the wine and spirits industry." ~ Catherine Caldwell, M.A. in Global Communications Candidate