Cultural Program

Prof. Stéphane Treilhou and students on a study trip to Toledo.

What is the Cultural Program?

Bring your classroom study to life with faculty-led study trips and cultural excursions to some of the most fascinating places in France, Europe and across the world. The trips are closely tied to AUP’s curriculum; by grounding academic theory in real-world contexts, you will develop critical-thinking skills and a better understanding of interdisciplinary approaches. These are vital tools when you want to embark on a meaningful, international career. 

We know that many global explorers arrive at the University wanting to immerse themselves in an international setting; the Cultural Program provides a launchpad to do so skillfully and sensitively. Get inspired by immersing yourself in new perspectives and cultures. Collaborate closely with faculty and your peers, while, opening your minds to new ideas and varied viewpoints. Some trips are recurring, while others are one-offs; but most of them are closely tied to individual courses and curricula. 

The Cultural Program also sets you out on an inspirational pathway of lifelong learning. Alumni often tell us that study trips are among the most enduring memories of their time at AUP. Whether you study place branding in Iceland, Middle Eastern history in Turkey or sustainable development in India, the skills and knowledge you will develop through the program will stay with you long after graduation. 

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Cultural Program Brochure Spring 2024

The History of the Cultural Program

Study trips have been an integral part of AUP’s unique approach to international liberal arts education since the University’s founding over 60 years ago. The Cultural Program was co-founded by Walter J. Brennan, the program’s first Director, and Marie-Louise Viborel DeLamater, the wife of our founder, Dr. Lloyd A. Delamater.  

From study trips to the Soviet Union in the 1960s to today’s master’s students visiting The Hague to experience war-crimes tribunals, AUP has long offered opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the complex political issues of the day. 

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Video Stories

Hear directly from students about what they thought of their Cultural Program experience in our video reports from across the world. 

Cultural Excursions

These one- or two-day trips take advantage of the many cultural opportunities on offer in Paris and the rest of France. They are not associated with a particular course, but rather let you experience French culture in context. Whether you learn to make macarons with a Parisian pâtissier, travel to Normandy to experience the sites of the D-Day landings, or take a wine-tasting class in the Loire, you’ll learn from your surroundings and immerse yourself in the country in which you study. 

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Coup de Pouce Travel Grants

“Coup de Pouce” is a helping hand for students who want the world to be their classroom. Named after a French expression that means “a little help,” the grant provides funding for students in financial need who are registered in classes with a Cultural Program study trip component. A little help goes a long way – to Morocco, to India, to Iceland or to many other destinations across the globe.  

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Summer Program Trips

Summer students can also make the most of the Cultural Program by attending cultural excursions outside of Paris through our “Explore France” series. They are also able to enjoy a variety of exciting activities right here in the City of Light, thanks to our “Discover Paris” series. 

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