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Student Leadership Office

The Student Leadership Office empowers students to develop leadership skills through hands-on experience. In today’s complex, interconnected world, leadership is less about one person giving orders to others and much more about learning to reach consensus and achieve goals through effective teamwork. Students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through a holistic learning approach promoted by our Global Professional Program, which includes a focus on four core capabilities: leadership, cultural fluency, professional development and personal development. Students who participate in activities sponsored through The Student Leadership Office take their AUP education beyond the classroom, connecting the dots between curricular and co-curricular.

Student-Led Organizations

The Student Leadership Office supports a wide range of student-led organizations, providing mentorship, assistance to start a club and practical advice on everything from finding a faculty or staff advisor to requesting a budget. The student organizations we work most closely with include:

Leadership Development

From testing your conflict management skills to learning how to manage a large budget, opportunities to grow and learn through co-curricular activities are limitless. The Student Leadership Office organizes a host of training sessions each year as well as events to celebrate student accomplishments.

Student Leadership Office Policies

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Office hours are updated on AUP Engage every semester.