Study trips are led by AUP faculty members in order to closely complement a student’s academic experience while at the University. The trips are organized by the Cultural Program Office in deep collaboration with faculty members so that trips carefully coincide with the courses.

Study trips are offered throughout the year to all students. Trips range from a contemporary world literature course trip to the Frankfurt Book Fair, to an advertising and branding course trip to London, with visits to multiple agencies in the city. Your politics or communications class might go to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia or your environmental science class may study sustainability in Sweden. Each trip is led by a faculty member, which enhances your experience at the destination.


You can register online for study trips from Monday, January 15, at 8:00 a.m. to Sunday, January 21 at 11:59 p.m. Registration is done the same way as for academic courses: online through MyAUP Student Services  > Registration. Please note that Sunday, January 21, at midnight is the last day to both register for and cancel a trip! Late registration may not be possible and we can not issue refunds in the case of a late cancelation. For more information on all of our trips this year, have a look at our cultural programs brochure.

Payment and cancellation

When you register online for a study trip, the cost of the trip is automatically billed to your ledger in the same way tuition is billed. See Student Accounting Services for details about the student ledger and related charges. The last day to cancel and remove the charge of the study trip from your ledger is the last day of the DROP/ADD period. Payment for study trips must be made at the beginning of the semester, as soon as the trip is officially confirmed by the CP coordinator.

Carte de séjour/visa

All study trip participants must ensure the validity of their carte de séjour with the office of Student Immigration Services. Additionally, study trip participants are held responsible for knowing the visa requirements for travel outside of France for their nationality. In the event that a visa is required, upon a timely request from the student, the Cultural Program Office can provide a letter that can be taken to the embassy or the consulate of the relevant country to obtain a visa. Any student who is unable to participate in a trip because of an issue with their carte de séjour or a failure to complete visa arrangements will be held responsible for the cost of the trip.

Coup de pouce

Coup de Pouce is a fund which provides financial aid to students in need who are registered in classes with study trips. The grants are funded in most part by AUP’s operational budget and by the generous donations of alumni and parents.

Coup de Pouce applications are reviewed by two sub-committees. For undergraduate applicants, the committee is composed of one Undergraduate Student Council member, one Financial Aid officer, and one administrator from Student Development. For graduate applicants, the committee is composed of one Graduate Student Council member, one Financial Aid officer, and one graduate Administrator.

If you are registered in a class with a study trip, you may apply for Coup de Pouce online. All submissions are due by Monday, January 22 at 11:00 a.m. Please make sure you register for the study trip before submitting your Coup de Pouce application—otherwise your application can not be considered. After receiving your award notification, you must confirm your award and participation or cancel your participation in the trip.