FirstBridge is discovery!

FirstBridge is a dynamic, innovative learning experience that is the hallmark of a student’s first-year at AUP.  FirstBridge courses create “learning communities” in which you will meet new friends, be taught and mentored by professors who are experts in their field, and get to know the wider AUP community. You may be arriving at AUP with a strong sense of your intellectual interests and desired educational and career path, or you may not. FirstBridge is designed to help you confirm interests and explore new ones, to go outside of your comfort zone and take risks.

FirstBridge from a Freshman Perspective!

Interdisciplinary perspectives, intellectual adventure

FirstBridge is part of our General Education requirements. You will explore a range of interdisciplinary issues and questions, and complete individual and team projects, while improving vital skills in writing, public speaking, and information literacy. Each FirstBridge course focuses on a different subject of inquiry and its interdisciplinary approach demonstrates how different disciplines reflect on knowledge and apply their own methods to the same problems.

FirstBridge is led by a team of AUP professors who are experts in their fields, and is a great way to get to know and work closely with different faculty members. The course provides a solid foundation for the rigor of future academic work at AUP, including the selection of your major, and allows you to gain new knowledge and skills that you will use outside the university and beyond in your professional life.

FirstBridge and Paris—a combination essential to your learning

Paris is a city known for its beauty, its exquisite museums and monuments, its avant-gardism—and more recently for its edgy demographic and linguistic shifts, new urban developments, and global communications. AUP is proud to be at the center of the City of Lights, and the FirstBridge program embraces this richness. We link the adventurous learning experiences of entering AUP students first to the cutting-edge events of the city, then to the challenges of a global context. Eventually, we bring all explorations back into our multicultural classroom for analysis and project building.

Choosing your FirstBridge learning community

FirstBridge offers paired courses taught by two different professors. The two courses each meet twice a week and are carefully designed for you to make connections between two disciplines; a third space, reflective seminar, will help you to discover how one informs the other. This FirstBridge design allows you to engage deeply with the subject matter, your classmates, and professors, and begin AUP relationships that are long-lasting and lively.

A Selection of FirstBridge Courses