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Third-Party Payments / 529 Plans

If you plan to use any third-party payment toward your tuition expenses, we recommend that you request funds as soon as possible to ensure that the payments are received before the payment deadlines. The payment deadlines are July 15th for the Fall semester, and December 15th for the Spring semester.

If you have a 529 plan or an employer-sponsored tuition benefit, you can use these funds to pay for AUP tuition. However, please keep in mind that 529 plan checks can take longer to arrive, so we recommend that you request funds early to avoid late fees on payments received after the payment deadlines. Additionally, if the plan or the third-party payer does not cover the full amount of tuition due, we ask that you pay the estimated difference between the third-party contribution and amount due by the payment deadline.

Payments can be made via bank transfer or mailing funds to the following address:

The American University of Paris

Student Accounting Services Office

5, boulevard de La Tour-Maubourg

75007 Paris, France