The Registrar’s Office supplies students with different certificates that attest to their status at the University and in France. You can request your certificates at any time using the online certificate request form. If you have any questions or need help ordering your certificate, come see us at the Registrar’s Office or contact us via email or phone.

Available certificates:

  • Enrollment certificate or certificat de scolarité
  • Expected graduation
  • Graduation
  • Cancel services (if you are leaving France and the phone/tv/internet service requires a letter stating you are no longer a student at AUP)
  • Accreditation (details AUP’s accreditation)
  • English language of instruction (certifies all AUP classes are taught in English, except French and other language learning classes)
  • Other (to specify)


Delivery methods

Certificates and letters that are ordered via the online certificate request form can be picked up at the Registrar’s Office, put in your AUP mailbox, sent to your student email account, or sent to your home address via La Poste. If you chose postal delivery, please specify your address in the comment section of the request form.


Processing time

Certificates and letters are processed in the order in which they are received and take at least two full business days to process. This processing time may increase during our peak periods—the beginning and end of every semester, and just after the graduation ceremony in May. Please plan ahead and make sure you don’t request your certificates at the last minut. Allow for the time it takes us to deliver your certificate.

Also, we can only process enrollment certificates for semesters in which you are registered. In other words, if you have not signed up for classes for a semester, we cannot write an enrollment certificate confirming your registration and attendance for that semester.

All enrollment certificates are automated and available to be downloaded and printed 24/7 via the student portal: My AUP > Student Portal > My Certificates


The following certificates are manually produced by the Registrar’s Office upon request via the form below.  Certificates are official letters which include the signature of the University Registrar as well as the university seal.

Remember, if you have requested a Student Status Extension, you have not been officially graduated. You may refer to the SSE information page here.

  • Expected Graduation – This letter will state the expected date of graduation only for seniors/grad students who have already completed a degree application.


  • Graduation – This letter will state your start and end dates of AUP enrollment, the title of your degree, the date you earned your degree as well as any honors you may have received. This certificate also includes AUP's official accreditation. You must first receive official confirmation of graduation from the Registrar’s office before requesting this certificate or you must have already received a diploma.  AUP confers degrees 3 times each academic year: In January, May, and July.


  • Cancel Services - For students who need to cancel their phone/internet/other services. This certificate varies based on your situation. Please describe the situation as best as possible in the comments. This letter can be used to confirm that you are no longer a student.


  • English Language – This letter will state that AUP courses (with the exception of language courses) are taught in English. It will also state current registration status if applicable.


  • Other - please specify below


Certificates take 2-5 business days to issue. This time may increase during peak periods such as orientation week or at the end of the semester. All certificates are issued free of charge.



Student Information

Full Name

Type of Certificate

Certificate Type *

NOTE: Enrollment Certificates are automated through the Student Portal. See top of this webform for instructions.




Note: accreditation is not necessary for the most general uses of a certificate. Please select "yes" only if necessary.


Select language *




Select delivery method: *


AUP Mailbox


Pick-Up at Registrar's Office




CERTIFICATES ARE TYPICALLY ISSUED WITHIN 2 TO 5 BUSINESS DAYS, however this time may increase during peak periods such as orientation week or at the end of the semester.

We process requests ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. We strongly recommend that you plan your request accordingly.


Please do not resubmit the same request multiple times as it will delay the delivery of your certificate.