Writing Lab

AUP’s Writing Lab is open for fall term, 2021   

...every writer needs a reader!  And whether we offer our services on-site or online (as will be the case for spring term 2021), AUP’s Writing Lab supports our student writers – undergraduate and graduate – across the disciplines and at all stages of the writing process by offering a fresh perspective, informed feedback and friendly conversation in a welcoming setting.


Collaboration between the tutor and the student writer is key to a session’s success and getting the student actively engaged in talking and thinking about their writing.  

Each live video session is individually tailored, interactive and hands-on. 

  • Engage student writers in discussing their topics so that they can generate ideas, organize their thoughts, develop their focus, and hone their arguments
  • Offer feedback on developing drafts of papers
  • Encourage students to try out new strategies, take risks, experiment
  • Offer guidance on research, using and citing sources, and avoiding plagiarism
  • Help students find their own answers, their own voice, their pride of ownership of their work

Our Writing Lab live video consultations, via Teams or Google.docs are similar to in-person appointments. You and your tutor will share your screen so you both can view and work on your draft in real time. 

  • Once you and your tutor have agreed on the platform, day and hour (please specify any time difference with Paris), you can upload your work in a Google Doc and share it with aupwritinglabtutorsatgmail.com.  Please include the assignment’s instructions, writing prompts, and / or your draft.  Your tutor will not read any documents until your appointments start time.
  • All appointments are a maximum of 50 minutes (including a 5-minute buffer). 
  • Same day papers are highly discouraged. 


Writing takes time.   Writing takes practice. And writing in the university can be an anxious and isolating task, especially during Covid-19 and spending so much of your time inside and online.  Why do it alone? Make an appointment today!

Get started now. Just click below to make an appointment!

make a request online or send an email to writinglabataup.edu 

. . . and don’t forget to include

  • Name of your course and professor
  • The writing prompt or assignment instructions
  • Where you are in the process of writing your paper
  • The due date
  • Specific areas of concern you would like to work on: getting started, thesis, organization, integration of sources, sentence clarity, grammar, etc.