Our 7th arrondissement location, in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower–where we have been located since our founding–has always been part of AUP’s identity and pride of place. Five years ago, as part of our ongoing strategic planning process, we recognized that it was time to move from ten buildings spread across the neighborhood to a coherent, consolidated campus in Paris designed to foster active learning, innovative pedagogies, and student interaction across our vast diversity. We know this is how our students best learn and grow.

Purchasing the new building in the 7th will secure about half the University’s owned square meters in a single consolidated space, will contribute to our efforts to reinforce security on campus, and will group all of our services to students in one place. We’ll have gone from 10 buildings and parts of buildings scattered across the 7th to a consolidated campus of six clustered buildings.

Celeste Schenck President of The American University of Paris

Consequently, AUP has embarked on an ambitious campus redevelopment plan that will reorient our campus next to the Seine and re-purpose and renovate all of our campus real estate. We have spent the last five years implementing a student-centered campus redevelopment plan that provides critical learning and collaboration spaces, installs the latest classroom technologies and expands the physical campus without ever losing the intimacy of our roots. By 2018, with the continued support of our worldwide community, we will have put in place a new conjoined Student Life & Learning Center and consolidated and renovated all of our buildings, creating a place ideally adapted to innovative learning and teaching styles.

Combes Student Life Center

The gutting and redesign of our building on rue du Colonel Combes as a Student Life Center marked our first venture into campus renovation and was designed to keep the elegance and idiosyncrasies of the previous building on avenue Bosquet. It was not possible to renovate Bosquet in a manner that would achieve our student-centered vision. The sale of Bosquet allowed us to begin our plan to achieve campus consolidation.

Combes now acts as a modern and effective platform from which to support student-led projects, with the Student Development staff embedded with the Offices of the Student Government Association, student media and multimedia, the cultural study program, and student leadership assembled in a common area, alongside redecorated graduate and undergraduate lounges. Faculty offices, classrooms, the new Joy and Edward Frieman Environmental Science Center, the Thamer Salman ’99 Student Media Center, and the fifth floor Pierre and Christina de Labouchere ’86 Art Studio, have been supplied with state-of-the-art laboratory and media facilities, thanks to the generous donations of our alumni. Combes also houses an art gallery, a sidewalk café and our community restaurant, the AMEX, founded by AUP students and functioning continuously since 1980.

Grenelle Teaching & Mentoring Center

Immediately upon completion of Combes in summer 2015, we enlarged and renovated 102, rue Saint Dominique as a classroom and faculty-office facility, having added a second classroom building in Passage Landrieu the year before. In summer 2016, we turned to our next project, the full renovation of our owned Grenelle building, which has been rethought as a hub of teaching, learning, and mentoring, with brand new departmental offices and classrooms, as well as a faculty and a student lounges. This building has been opened up with glass and features multiple areas for interaction, so that students and faculty can collaborate easily. It has been curated with art and photography produced by faculty and students, an Instagram wall that changes annually, and several sculpture gardens. 

A new Student Life & Learning Center

After a year of negotiation with the City of Paris and the French State, we will reach our ultimate goal for a consolidated, modern campus when we purchase the new building in the 7th arrondissement. This future addition to the university's campus will house AUP’s Student Learning Center and will feature a vertical garden and a glass bridge which will house our new library and reading area.


The new Student Life and Learning Center will house all student services:  advising, careers, internships, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for point-of-need help with research, writing, and technology, the ARC-Link seminars supporting students in first- and second-year classes, peer tutoring in writing, and the Teaching and Learning Center supporting faculty pedagogies. Two of our new research centers, as well as the Civic Media Lab that will serve each of them and generate new curricular experiments, will also live in this new building. A conference center will occupy the top floor where astounding unrestricted views of the Right Bank rise at the windows. Students will be able to move freely back and forth, through the library, between the learning side and the student life side of our new learning complex.

All of these changes to our campus are geared towards maintaining AUP’s historical character, while at the same time meeting student and faculty expectations for modern learning spaces, and supporting technologies. We have also made sure to create a campus that remains welcoming, even as it enjoys better, more extensive security.