All registered returning students must check-in at the beginning of the semester. At check-in, students verify all of their personal information and privacy settings and confirm to the Registrar’s Office that they have returned to the University and are physically on campus and attending class. They also pick up their student ID card if their current one has expired, provided that they have updated their personal information on their account. ID cards are picked up at check-in only during Fall semester – returning students keep their student cards in Spring.


Updating Personal Information

It is possible to update personal information at any time, but it is mandatory to review all information at the beginning of each semester.

To update your local address, home address, address of your financially responsible person, emergency address or diploma mailing address, students go to: MY AUP > My Profile > Student > Addresses. This page is also accessible via the following link:

To update privacy settings (authorizing the release of your directory information, address information, or opting to have your grades sent to your financially responsible person), go to: MY AUP > My Profile > Student > Privacy or use the following link:


Check-in dates and times

Check-in takes place on the first three days of class. Check-in is open from 09:00 to 17:00. The academic calendar contains the exact dates for each semester. In Spring semesters check in can be completed online. An announcement will be made by the Registrar’s Office when returning student check-in is open.

Registered returning students who do not check in by the end of the third day of class will have their courses dropped; they will no longer be registered at AUP for the semester. All dropped courses will be made available to other students wishing to add courses during the drop/add period. These procedures will be strictly followed. You should make your return travel arrangements well in advance to make sure that you do not miss check-in.