Requirements: Visual Culture Minor

Enrich your visual imagination and your appreciation of artistic culture through classes that examine the history and origins of Western art, the significance and effects of contemporary media, and so much more.


Required courses (12 credits)

  • AH 1000 Introduction to Western Art I or AH 120 Introduction to Western Art II
  • CM 1023 Introduction to Media and Communication Studies or FM 110 Films and Their Meanings
  • CM/ES 3037 The Museum as Medium


Required electives (8 credits)

Two additional courses in two different disciplines chosen from the Visual Culture electives:

  • Any upper-level AH course (2000-level or above)
  • Any AR courses
  • Any FM courses except FM 2018 Writing Fiction for Television, and CL/FM 2028 The Art of Screenwriting
  • Any VC courses
  • CM/GS 3004 Communicating Fashion
  • CM 3027 Video Production for Broadcast News
  • CM/AN 3049 Media and Ethnography
  • CM/GS 3053 Media and Gender
  • CM 3055 Visual Rhetoric: Persuasive Images
  • CM 3062 Media Semiotics
  • CM 3075 Media Aesthetics
  • CM 3086 Contemporary World Television
  • CM 2091/3091/4091 Topics in Global Communications, where topics is relevant and pre-approved (paperwork needed)
  • CM 4028 Advanced Video Production
  • ES/HI 3004 The History of Paris
  • ES/HI 3017 The Islamic City
  • GS/PY 2008 Gender Identity, Homosexuality and the Cinema: A Psychosocial Approach HI/PO 3062 London, Paris and Madrid 1500 to Present
  • PY 2091-3091 Topics in Psychology, where topics is relevant and pre-approved (paperwork needed)