Requirements: Linguistics Minor

Gain a thorough grounding in the history of linguistics, as well as how linguistics applies to areas that include media semiotics and social policy.


Core courses (8 credits)

  • LI/FR 2060 Introduction à la Linguistique / Introduction to Linguistics
  • A course in a third language other than English and French: Ancient Greek, Latin, Italian, or Arabic*

Ancient Greek and Latin can also be taken with a particular linguistics focus, such as Greek or Latin language combined with historical linguistics or text analysis and scholarly translation, or Advanced Study in Greek or Latin with a focus on Greek or Latin meter.

* In the event that a student wishes to study a language not offered at AUP, a course may be taken outside the institution upon approval of the department.


Three of the following (12 credits)

  • LI 1000 Language Acquisition and Social Policy
  • PY/LI 3035 Psycholinguistics
  • FR/LI 3006 Phonétique et Phonologie du Français
  • FR 2550 Advanced French Grammar and Composition
  • FR/CL 2094 French Fiction Now: Traduire le Roman Francais Contemp.
  • EN/CL 3100 Writing Poetry: an Introduction and Workshop
  • CM 3062 Media Semiotics
  • FR/LI Linguistics course taken at the Sorbonne (in French or in English)
  • Intermediate or upper-level language courses or other topics course relevant to the study of language (to be approved by professors of linguistics)
  • Relevant Directed Studies or senior project (to be approved by professors of linguistics)