AUP Internship Program

The American University of Paris encourages students to complete at least one internship during their academic program. Internships enable students to explore their interests, develop their network, and gain the professional experience they need for life after graduation. 

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AUP’s Internship Policy

All internships must be in accordance with AUP’s internship policy. There are a number of academic requirements that impact a student’s eligibility to do an internship (including minimum GPA, earned credits, working hours, etc.). Eligibility will be verified by the University before an internship is approved. 

Once you have selected a candidate and they have accepted the position, the student is responsible for contacting the AUP Internship Program Office to request approval and registration of the internship. During the registration process, AUP creates the internship contract (convention de stage), if the internship is in France. The employer is responsible for completing their portion of the contract, such as the weekly work hours, compensation and benefits.

If you would like to extend a student’s internship, the student must first contact the AUP Internship Program Office to verify under which conditions this is possible. A formal confirmation of the change will be documented. 

It is very important to inform the AUP Internship Program Office of any off-site work, business trips, or issues that arise during the internship, so that we can work with you and the student to find the best resolution. 

AUP internship employers are expected to make two small contributions to help the student complete their internship requirements. As part of the internship requirements, the intern will conduct a short interview with their supervisor about the industry and their experience. Additionally, AUP requests that employers provide an evaluation of each internship. A webform for this is provided, which takes approximately five to seven minutes to complete. 




A convention de stage (French internship contract) is required for all internships taking place in France and must be signed by AUP, the student and the hosting organization. 

The convention stipulates items such as the dates of the internship, weekly schedule, general tasks, and compensation. It also provides mandatory supplemental workplace insurance.  

The convention de stage will only be issued by the AUP Internship Program Office once the internship is officially approved by AUP. It can take up to two weeks for the Internship Program Office to organize a valid convention signed by all three parties. The contract must be completed and signed by all parties before the internship begins. In France, interning without student status and without an internship contract is illegal. 




AUP supports internships throughout the world, and can sign training or internship agreements when required. Employers may be asked to verify the terms of an internship during the University’s approval process, particularly if the student is requesting course credits for the internship. It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate a visa, if needed.   




  • Guide des stages étudiants : This website is published by the Ministère de lʼEnseignement supérieur, outlining the rights and obligations for each of the three parties impacted by an internship contract: the student, the educational institution and the employer. 

  • FACC program: The French-American Chamber of Commerce supports professional relations through a variety of programs, and can assist with the visa process for interns and trainees both in the United States and in France. 

  • Convention de Stage: For internships with companies in France, AUP provides the internship contract (convention de stage). The student is responsible for initiating the internship approval process once they have accepted a position. The student and the employer should allow two weeks (10 business days) minimum for the internship to be approved by the University and for the University to issue the internship contract for signature.

  • French Internship Legislation: AUP has an internship policy aligned with French law, and ensures that all internships are in accordance with these laws. 

  • Internship Evaluation Form: At the end of each internship, employers are asked to spend five to seven minutes evaluating the internship and the intern. This evaluation is part of the pedagogy required by French legislation.