Registration Process

Returning students register online on the AUP student portal after meeting with their Academic Advisors. Registration windows, as detailed below, open according to class standing (determined by the number of credits earned and/or transferred in to The American University of Paris. Credits currently in progress are included in the determination of college level).


Spring 2020 Registration Dates

Student Portal Registration (Select term: Spring 2020)
College Level Opens (8am) Closes (11:59pm)
Graduate Students Monday 14 October Sunday 24 November
Seniors (96+ credits) Monday 14 October Wednesday 23 October
Juniors (64-95 credits) Thursday 24 October Wednesday 6 November
Sophomores (32-63 credits) Thursday 7 November Sunday 17 November
Freshmen (0-31 credits) Monday 18 November Sunday 24 November


The standard course load for the spring and fall semesters is four courses (with the option of an additional 1- or 2-credit course), up to a maximum of 18 credits. Registering a fifth course of 4 credits or more constitutes an overload:

  • 16-20 credits and above (full 4-credit class added): the four extra credits will be charged.

Course overload requests must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office via the Course Overload petition form. Course overload requests are processed during the Drop/Add period at the beginning of the semester and are charged on a per-credit basis. Once your overload has been approved and processed, you can register for the fifth course on the student portal.


Auditing a Course

Course auditors are expected to attend and participate in the course, but are not required to complete class assignments or assessments. As such, course auditors will receive a final grade of “AU” and do not earn academic credit. The grading of voluntarily completed coursework for auditors is left to the discretion of the professor. Because credit-seeking students have priority access to registration, audit requests are processed on a space available basis at the end of the Drop/Add period. Full-time students can audit one course at no additional charge; part-time students are charged the audit rate.


Troubleshooting Online Registration

For full registration instructions, reference to the following document:

Course Registration Guide - Fall 2015 [pdf]


Online Registration Video

For online registration troubleshooting guide, reference the following document:

Online Registration Troubleshoot Guide [pdf]


First instincts: If you are trying to register and are unable to do so, please ensure that:

  • You are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox ONLY (the portal is not compatible with Safari, Chrome, etc.)
  • You are logged into the correct semester (the one you want to register for): On the menu on the left, directly under your name, look at “Current term” and click on “change” to select the correct semester.
  • The registration window that corresponds to your college level (the number of credits earned) is open (see registration dates above)


Decoding messages that prevent registration:

Registration has been cancelled

Your web browser’s pop-up blocker needs to be disabled. A warning message should open in the top right corner of your web browser that allows you to select “Disable Pop-up blocker.” If not, manually disable the pop-up blocker:

Mozilla Firefox: Click on the settings icon in the top right corner > select Options > Content > untick “Block pop up window” > OK
Internet Explorer:  Click on the settings icon in the top right corner > select Internet Options > Privacy tab > untick “Turn on Pop-up Blocker” > OK

Your Advisor XXX has prevented your registration until you see him/her for advising. Please contact your Advisor.

Check that your Academic Advisor has unblocked you for the semester for which you want to register. It is mandatory to meet with your Academic Advisor in order to be unblocked for registration. If your Advisor has already unblocked you or if the incorrect Advisor name appears, you may be trying to register in the incorrect term.

Registration for this student and term cannot continue because: Student has an active business hold that prevents registration

You are blocked by Student Accounting Services. Please contact

You are allowed to take only 18 credit hours this term

You have reached the maximum number of credits for which you can register under full-time tuition. You will need to complete Course Overload petition form. Your request will be processed on the second day of class at 5:00pm, after which point you will be able to register for the fifth class.


Stands for “Faculty Approval Required” (used for classes requiring an application, e.g. directed studies, thesis, senior projects, etc.) You must complete the relevant application/paperwork and submit it to the Registrar’s Office before you can register for the class.


Indicates that you are missing a prerequisite to register into this class. Click on the course title to view all required prerequisites.  Bypassing a prerequisite requires the completion of a Permission to Enroll form. Only your Advisor can provide you with this form, to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office once all required signatures have been acquired. If you are a visiting student missing prerequisites, please contact our Transfer Credit Analyst Nicole Sugar ( directly.

Process Registration or Cancel” appears on the menu on the left when on the Registration page and you are unable to return to the Student Portal landing page

Click on the red “Cancel” button to return to the landing page menu or the green “Process Registration” button at the top of the page after selecting your course(s) to end your registration session.