Student Government

The Student Government Association is made up of the Student Council, the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Councils, and various committees. Together, they are in charge of planning events for the student body, and allocating funds from their budget where needed, among other responsibilities. Whether you are interested in applying for a position, or just want some more information, check out the links below.

Governing Bodies

SGA Executive Team

Together, the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC) form the SGA Executive Team. Four students serve on the USC and four on the GSC. Each council includes a president, vice president, communications director, and social director. The treasurer position serves the entire Student Government Association, is independent of each council, and is open to a graduate or undergraduate student.

Student Senate

The senate is comprised of a representative from each undergraduate department, each undergraduate year, and each graduate program. Class representatives are elected by their class, while departmental and program senators are elected by students in their respective areas of study.

Senators represent their constituents in senate meetings and to faculty and the administration. Senators vote on important university-wide issues, including the allocation of the general student activities budget of approximately €100,000 per year. The Student Senate page contains a complete list of senate seats, including a regularly updated list of current senators and open seats.


SGA-mandated committees inform, act, and mobilize on campus to make a difference at AUP. The variety of committees at AUP is growing. Current committees include environmental, social, judiciary, ambassadorial, sports, elections, and clubs. Committees are open to all students.

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