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Business Integration Capstone

International Business Administration

If you’re majoring in Entrepreneurship, International Business Administration, International Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing, this course, taken during your final semester (in conjunction with BA 4080 Strategic Management), will serve as a means of verifying that you’ve truly understood and retained the most salient portions of your undergraduate education. Here, you will take part in a complex international business simulation, where your class will be divided into groups, led by student-managers, which will make decisions on matters like product design, pricing, and sponsorship expenditures.

The simulation’s algorithms will then determine how these decisions might affect each group’s performance within the industry (e.g., market share, stock prices, etc.) and by the end of the course, you will share your group’s strategy and explain how your decisions have evolved over time, with respect to that strategy, in preparation for a hand-over to the next team of managers. A series of related assignments, and a final comprehensive exam will complement the simulation learning experience.