Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate

The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate makes recommendations to the Senate concerning academic matters and assures shared governance with the Faculty Senate, the Provost and the President of the University. No act of the committee shall be deemed to have the official sanction of the faculty unless it has been ratified by the Faculty Senate, either in a regular meeting of the Senate or by mail ballot.

The mandate of the Executive Committee is the maintenance of the faculty manual in consultation with the Provost. It reports to the Faculty Senate at least once a year on the review process. The Executive Committee may propose updates and amendments leading to a vote on the Senate floor, thus assuring regular maintenance of the faculty manual to articulate changes in the governance structure at the University.

The Executive Committee sets the agenda for the Senate meetings. It is composed of seven voting members: the Chair of the Faculty Senate, five members elected from the faculty at large, and one member appointed by the Provost. The Provost regularly attends the meetings of the Executive Committee.

The Committee advises the President on faculty concerns and projects; it consults with the Senate and the President on university-wide projects affecting the academic life of the University. Individual faculty members, the Senate or the President may make recommendations to the Executive Committee or request that its members deliberate on specific issues.


2023-2024 members of the Executive Committee to the Faculty Senate and their respective departments
Member Department
Robert Earhart Economics and Management 
Claudia Roda Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science
Sneharika Roy Comparative Literature and English
Stephen Sawyer History and Politics
Cary Hollinshead - Strick Comparative Literature and English
Charles Talcott Communication, Media and Culture
James Ward Economics and Management