The Curriculum Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate, and reports directly to the Senate. The Committee’s role is to ensure the coherence and integrity of the university curriculum, in accordance with the educational goals of the institution. The Committee evaluates proposals for courses, majors and minors; establishes and reviews existing curriculum development procedures, and develops and reviews curricular policies as articulated in the University Catalogue (and the Student Handbook in particular).

The Curriculum Committee, in consultation with the Provost, bears the primary responsibility for the oversight and development of policies concerning the AUP curriculum, the co-curriculum or any credit bearing activity.

The Committee also provides guidelines and templates for the submission of new or revised courses, majors, minors and programs. These documents are reviewed at the beginning of each academic year, and updated as necessary.

The Curriculum Committee considers proposals submitted by all academic departments at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It evaluates whether these proposals contribute to or operate within the curricular goals and vision of both the department and the University as a whole. It also monitors the relationships among new courses, majors and minors, and the existing offerings of other academic departments.

The Curriculum Committee is composed of five voting members. Four voting members are elected; one of the five voting members is appointed by the Provost. All voting members serve once-renewable, staggered, two-year terms. The Curriculum Committee will also have four ex-officio members: the Provost of the University or his/her representative; the University Registrar; the University Librarian; the Director of the Academic Resource Center (ARC). The Chair may invite other members of faculty or the administration if necessary.

You can consult the Curricular Proposal Documents page here

2021-2022 members of the Curriculum Committee and their respective departments
Member Department
Carla Canelas Economics and Management
Stéphane Treilhou Art History and Fine Arts
Youna Kim Communication, Media and Culture
Ruth Corran Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science
Russell Williams Comparative Literature and English
Ex-officio members  
Ann Borel Academic Resource Center
Pauline Bonnot University Registrar
Jorge Sosa Library
Christine Tomasek Academic Affairs