The Council of Chairs is composed of all Department Chairs and the Provost. The Provost chairs the council and is responsible for calling the meetings when necessary, at least twice per academic year. Chairs may request that the Provost call exceptional meetings. Administrators and faculty not on the Council may be solicited for advice or assistance, and may be invited to participate in Council meetings by the Provost.

The principal function of the Council is to advise the Provost in the administration of the work of the academic departments and the coordination of departmental efforts within the university-wide academic program. The Council may request information about, and review, allocation of resources to departments.

2022-2023 Members of the Council of Chairs and their respective departments
Member Department
Elena Berg Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science
Raphael Bloch-Laine French Studies and Modern Languages
Carlos Suprinyak Economics and Management
Cary Hollinshead Strick Comparative Literature and English
Jonathan Shimony Art History and Fine Arts
Maria Medved Psychology, Health and Gender
Robert Payne Communication, Media and Culture
Peter Hagel History and Politics