AUP cultivates relationships with employers and organizations around the world. We invite you to get involved in one or more ways: 

  • Share a job or internship offer for AUP student using this form or by writing to Visit campus to learn more about AUP, our students, our majors and our uniqueness 
  • Collaborate with our faculty as a guest speaker or consultant 
  • Invite students to visit your place of work and learn from professionals  
  • Serve as a panelist for the Global Professional Skills (GPS) Program

Getting involved is easy. Just complete our brief online form and the ACE Center will reach out to get in touch with you. 


Networking Opportunities 

The Alumni Affairs office organizes opportunities throughout the year and all around the globe. Find out about all the upcoming networking opportunities in your alumni portal, AUP Global. 

Change Career Center to “ACE Center” and add under the contact information (see screenshot below)