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When are tuition payments due?

Tuition is due on 01 July for the Fall semester and 15 December for the Spring semester.  For details, please see here for undergraduate tuition and here for graduate tuition.

How do I see my student account?

Students can consult their student accounts 24/7 through the Student Portal: go online to the student portal (this will require your password so cannot be done by the FRP). Click on My Billing.

Tuition and fees owed by the student are listed under the “Debits” column of the ledger. Payments made to the student account, loan disbursements and grants are listed under “Credits.” Balances with a negative sign (–) in front of the overall total reflect a credit on the account.

Take a look at our detailed Student Portal guide to better understand its different sections.

What is an FRP?

FRP stands for Financially Responsible Person. The FRP is the individual indicated by the student who is financially responsible for a student’s university expenses. While only one email address can be used, several names can be indicated, allowing us to respond to requests from anyone listed as the FRP. All billing statements and email communications about payments are sent to the student’s email address and the email address listed for the FRP.

To add or change the FRP, students should go online to the student portal (this will require your password so cannot be done by the FRP). Go to contact information and scroll down to Financially Responsible Person.

How do I read my billing statement?

Students can access their billing statement at all times by going to their Student Portal (see above How do I see my student account?) and accessing My Billing.

Tuition and fees charged to the student are listed under the “Debits” column of the ledger. Any payments made to your account is listed under “Credits.” Balances with a negative sign (–) in front reflect a credit on your account, not money that you owe.

Take a look at our detailed billing statement guide to better understand its different sections.

What payment plan am I on and how do I change it?

Your payment plan was something that you determined when you entered AUP. Tuition reminders will be sent according to what payment plan you’re on. If you wish to change your payment plan, please sasataup.edu (contact our office).

Why is there a hold on my student account?

Holds are applied to student accounts when a student has an outstanding obligation to AUP. Perhaps tuition is late, there’s a fee that hasn’t been paid, or you’re behind on your payment plan. These debts can be seen by checking My Billing on the Student Portal (see above ‘How do I read my student billing statement?’)

If there are no debts on your account, please refer to the hold message on the Student Portal under My Grades. If you have an outstanding obligation to an office on campus, please contact that office directly. The hold will not come off of your account until the obligation is settled.

Why can’t I see my grades?

If you can’t see your grades, you may have a hold on your account. If you have any outstanding fees to pay, you will not be able to view your grades, register for classes, obtain copies of your transcript, or receive any proof of graduation. The Registrar’s Office will not be allowed to show you your grades either. Please check your student ledger to see if you have any outstanding fees to pay, or refer to the hold message when you attempt to view your grades to know the office of origin of your hold. Once you’ve paid any outstanding fees and/or settled any issues with the concerned office, you’ll be able to view your grades.

How do I know a payment has been received?

All payments are credited to student accounts the business day after they are received. Check your student account (see above How do I see my student account?) and make sure to choose the appropriate semester.

What are the reasons online transactions fail?

  1. Insufficient funds – In some cases, the issuing bank determines that the cardholder doesn’t have enough money to pay. In this case, the payment will be denied.
  2. Exceeding the single charge limit – Some consumers have sufficient funds but are limited in how much they can spend in one transaction. If they try to make a payment that’s over that limit, the transaction can be denied. You may contact your bank to authorize the payment or try to make the payment in several smaller transactions.
  3. Mismatched data – If the cardholder enters data that doesn’t match the information the issuing bank has on file; the transaction can be denied. 
  4. Expired credit card – If the consumer provides outdated information, the transaction won’t go through.

What are the benefits of paying online?

Paying online with a credit card saves time, gives you the flexibility to pay how and when desired, payment online will be applied to your account within 48 hours.

What is the relationship between The American University of Paris and AUP Housing S.A.S?

AUP Housing S.A.S is a subsidiary of the American University of Paris (AUP) operates in coordination with AUP to manage student housing for the university.

How will I know that my payment has been accepted?

After you submit your payment, you will see a payment confirmation screen. It will contain your payment confirmation message. You will also receive a confirmation email after your transaction is submitted. 

What information do I need to make an online payment?

The only information you need to have available to complete an express payment transaction is the student ID and your credit card information. 

Can I use a credit card or debit card to pay my bill(s)?

Yes, you can.

Are credit card details stored anywhere on the platform?


How do I obtain my loan refund check?

If you’re due a refund check linked to American federal loans and expecting a refund for living expenses, you can pick up your refund check at Student Accounting Services during regular office hours. We process all refund checks at the beginning of the semester.

Please note this refund is calculated using the registration load at the time the loans are credited to your student account. If you’re planning on adding a class, registering an internship, or dropping from full-time to part-time, please inform us so we may recalculate your reimbursement. You will otherwise be responsible for the payment of any subsequent charges debited to your student account.

Are late fees applied if loans are not disbursed until after classes start?

Students who receive loans to cover the entirety of their tuition and fees will not incur a charge for the late disbursement of loan money. Students whose loans do not cover the entirety of their tuition and fees must arrange to pay the balance when the tuition is due (01 July for the Fall and 15 December for the Spring semester).

How can I learn about applying for loans for US citizens?

US citizens and permanent residents of the US who would like to apply for a loan are encouraged to look at the AUP Admissions pages and to consult their Admissions Counselor. 

If I have a credit balance how do I request a refund?

Refunds are primarily issued through checks in euros to be deposited in students’ French bank accounts. Please contact Student Accounting Services for additional options if a French bank account is not available. Refunds must be requested at least 2 business days before they are needed.

How can I receive a refund if I decide not to attend AUP?

Refund amounts are determined by the date a student officially withdraws from the university. For details please see the tuition refund schedule. In the event a student decides not to attend the university a refund will be made to the FRP upon request to Student Accounting Services. The refund will be by check in Euros unless other arrangements are requested.

Can I have an invoice?

The Billing Statement indicates all tuition, fees and payments made to date. This can be consulted at all times by the student on www.aup.edu, then My Account, Student Portal and My Billing. For special requests please sasataup.edu (contact us directly).

Can I use private scholarships to pay for tuition?

Students are eligible to use private scholarships to pay for tuition.

Contact us

If you have more questions, please feel free to sasataup.edu (contact the Student Accounting Services Office) for answers. We will be happy to hear from you.