Residential Life

Residential Life at AUP is a very special experience – that of living in one of the neighborhoods of the most beautiful cities in the world. Where you live encompasses much more than just where you sleep and shower; it also includes the shops and cafés you frequent, the parks and streets you walk in, the metro and bus stops you use, and the neighbors you get to know. In short, this is the part where you live like a local. Every AUP student lives in a shared apartment, a studio, a private home, or a house and comes to feel that his or her quartier is home.  

All degree-seeking and visiting first-year students are required to be housed in AUP-approved housing for the first year. Transfer students and non-first year visiting students are not required to seek housing through AUP, but can do so if they wish. Approximately a month before you arrive, you will know your address, the names and emails of your roommates, and your bus or subway route to campus. From our own personal experience trying to get to know the nooks and crannies of this beautiful city and observing countless students over the years as they make their way to becoming full-fledged Parisians, we know that starting out with housing sorted makes it easier to adjust to exciting urban life. Over the course of the first year, our Residential Life team leads an initiation process that prepares students for the autonomy of living on their own in the city the following year.

Please note: AUP will waive the requirement of first-year residency for new students over 21 years of age, for those who are legally married, and/or those with an official residence in Île-de-France. In order to request an exemption from AUP housing, please return the  Housing Exemption Form via your AUP Status Page by May 8 for the Fall semester, November 15 for the Spring semester or within 7 days of your confirmation of attendance to AUP. Students admitted for fall entry are not permitted to request an exemption for the spring semester and are committed to their chosen housing option for the entire academic year.


Contact the Residential Life

In addition to helping you find a place to live when you first arrive at AUP, the staff in the Residential Life Office are available to help you deal with any problems that might arise. They also maintain a list of housing resources that will help you make the most of your experience living in Paris. Contact Residential Life today with your questions about housing at AUP.