The Committee for Rank and Promotion is a standing committee of Faculty Senate, and reports directly to Faculty Senate. The committee is responsible for recommending to the Provost:

  • conferral of faculty rank;
  • promotion in rank;
  • change of category;
  • sabbatical leave and course release.

The Committee for Rank and Promotion is composed of seven voting members from the rank of Full and Associate Professors. Six voting members are elected; the Provost appoints one of the seven voting members. All voting members serve once-renewable, staggered, two-year terms. At least two of the members must be Full Professors. No more than two members may be from the same department.

The Committee for Rank and Promotion elects its own Chair and any voting member of the Committee for Rank and Promotion may serve as Chair. The Committee for Rank and Promotion may invite the Provost of the University as an ex-officio member.

2022–23 members of the Committee for Rank and Promotion and their respective departments
Member Department
Brenton Hobart Comparative Literature and English
Philip Golub History and Politics
Herve Vanel Art History and Fine Arts
Georgi Stojanov Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science
Kate Zhang Economics and Management
Carlos Suprinyak Economics and Management
Stéphane Malo Economics and Management