The Graduate Program Review Board is a standing committee of the Faculty Senate. It is composed of six members appointed by the Provost for staggered terms of three years; the Provost is a non-voting ex officio member. The Board elects its own Chair at the first meeting of the academic year, and determines its own rules of operation.

The Board's mission is to examine, adopt and review the curricula for proposed graduate programs and courses at The American University of Paris. The Board reports its recommendations to the Faculty Senate. In fulfilling its mission, and to remain in tune with the finest institutions of higher education, the Board will refer to similar programs established elsewhere.

2020-2021 members of the Graduate Program Review Board and their respective departments
Member Department
Robert Earhart Economics and Management
Susan Perry History and Politics
Hannah Westley Communications, Media and Culture
Kate Zhang Economics and Management
Ex-officio members  
Elizabeth Guinel Academic Affairs
William Fisher Provost