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The Budget Committee is a standing committee of the Executive Committee. The Chair of the Executive Committee and the Chair of the Faculty Senate, in consultation with the Provost and the President, may invite three faculty members to serve. It meets at least once annually, prior to the finalization of the forthcoming budget, with the President, the Provost and the Vice President for finance and administration in an advisory and consultative capacity and reports to the Executive Committee.

The Budget Committee works to enhance communication and exchange between the faculty and the administration, proposes and discusses academic budgetary priorities for the University, and reviews the academic implications of the annual university budget.

The specific functions and responsibilities of the committee are jointly decided by the Executive Committee, the President and the Provost. These may be changed when deemed necessary. The Administration assists the Budget Committee by providing academic budgetary information relevant to the committee’s tasks. The budget committee makes an annual report to the Faculty Senate in the first meeting of the calendar year.

2022-2023 Members of the Budget Committee and their respective departments
Member Department
Ruth Corran Computer Science, Mathematics and Environmental Science
Gail Hamilton Economics and Management
James Ward Economics and Management
Natalya Shiryaeva Economics and Management