The American University of Paris encourages students to complete at least one internship during their academic program. Internships enable students to explore their interests, develop their network, and gain the professional experience they need for life after graduation.

Paris is an international megacity hosting literally tens-of-thousands of multinational corporations, international organizations, startup companies, and non-profits. AUP students are global explorers and should make the most of the professional development opportunities available in Paris’ international economy.

The Internship Office ensures that AUP interns have a productive and rewarding experience that prepares students for their future careers. The Career Development Office also offers assistance.


Internship Spotlights

Students at the American University of Paris are encouraged to do at least one internship during their AUP education. Each semester, we ask a handful of students to give us an inside look at their internship experience.

Why do an internship?

Internships have become the new entry-level jobs…

Our 2016 Next Destination Survey 

showed that graduates were 2.5 times more likely to find work within six months after graduation if they had completed at least one internship while at AUP.

Doing an internship is a fantastic way to acquire professional experience, build your résumé, boost your network, and even potentially secure a job prior to graduation.

Preparing for life after graduation starts now!

Learn more about securing an internship.

Before you start looking for an internship, we recommend that you have a look at the at the academic and legal requirements


AUP Internships: From Start to Finish

The Internship Office webpage is designed to equip students with the resources and information they need to make the most of the professional development opportunities available to them. It also details the four main steps to undertake a successful internship:

1. Plan and find your internship

We provide detailed information on what to consider before and/or while searching for an internship and on how to find an internship.

2. Register your internship

We provide detailed information about AUP’s registration process once the internship is secured and before it begins, and about the necessary documents needed to obtain an internship.

3. Make your internship a success

We discuss how to make the most of the internship experience and what to do if any changes or problems arise.

4. Submit internship assignments

We provide detailed information on AUP’s mandatory internship assignments and on preparing for the next stages of professional development.


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