Degree Requirements & Worksheets

1. Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (GLACC)

Undergraduate students at The American University of Paris are required to complete a core curriculum program to develop the foundations of general knowledge on which their majors are built.  

The Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (GLACC) degree requirements include: 

  1. Integrative Inquiry for the Global Explorer 

  2. FirstBridge 

  3. Two Integrative Inquiry courses (Four for transfer students who do not do FirstBridge) 

  4. Experiential Learning 

  5. Critical Inquiry and Expression 

  6. Research, Interpretation, and Writing 

  7. Disciplinary Research Methods and Writing 

  8. Digital Literacy and Communication 

  9. Quantitative and Experimental Reasoning  

  10. Quantitative Reasoning 

  11. Experimental Reasoning Course with Lab 

  12. Expression Française  

  13. AUP Capstone 

2. Major and Minor Requirements

Every AUP major is designed a bit differently. They all have some core courses within the major that all students within the major must take and some major electives. At AUP, students and advisors use degree worksheets to a student’s progress through their degree – including major & GLACC requirements. Degree worksheets are organized by major and by catalog year. 

Degree worksheets vary from one academic catalog year to another.  They are adapted each year to reflect changes to the curriculum including the core curriculum and/or major and minor requirements.  For this reason, all undergraduate students are now required to officially declare the academic catalog year they are following.  Undergraduates may choose to follow the catalog year of term they began their studies at AUP, or any subsequent catalog year. Students should make this choice intentionally, with the guidance of their advisor, and confirm their choice via their student portal

Undergraduate Programs Degree Worksheets (2017-2020)

View past Undergraduate Program Worksheets here.

3. Open Electives

To graduate with an undergraduate degree from AUP you need to earn a minimum of 128 credits. For many students, the courses they take to satisfy the requirements of the core curriculum and of their major do not get them to needed minimum of 128, and so the possibility to explore opens. A student majoring in International Business Administration may choose to take an art history course because they are interested in the art market. Or a student majoring in Psychology may choose to take a public speaking course to be better prepared to present their research at academic conferences. There are a wide range of opportunities available that students are encouraged to discuss with their advisor or a staff member in the ACE Center. 


Graduate students: For current graduate degree requirements, please visit the respective graduate program page and look at program requirements.