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AUP students by the Seine.

CAF Workshop #1

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 16:00

Dear Students,

You must all have found your new home (at least I hope you did!) so it is time for you to fill out the CAF application!
The CAF (Caisse d'allocation familiale) is a welfare from the French Government to help you save money from your rent. The Housing office is organizing a workshop to help you fill out the online application step by step.

In order to fill out the application, you will need :

Your laptop A RIB from the bank A copy of your contract (with the amount of your rent w/out the charges, the dimension of your apartment, name of the landlord*, etc)**

FYI: There will be three workshop sessions, so don't panic, there will be room for everyone.

* Please make sure to ask your landlord beforehand if s/he will be willing to fill out paper for your CAF, otherwise there is no point for you to do the application.
** If you live in an apartment with Comforts of Home, please send them an email in order to request your housing contract. You would then be able to pick it up 24/48h later.

For any question, you can contact me at rweeberataup.edu.