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Study Trip

Rome: Birthplace of the Baroque

Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 08:00 to Sunday, April 7, 2019 - 21:00

AH2014 Baroque/Rococo & Architecture
AH3091 Giotto To Caravaggio, Religious Iconography
AR1020 Materials & Techniques Of The Masters

Rome is still the home of many of the greatest masterpieces of seventeenth-century art and architecture. The city was transformed into nothing short of an urban theater, something that shapes it to this day. Through architectural and urbanist interventions Rome was remade between the late sixteenth and the middle of the eighteenth centuries. At a smaller scale, but with the same attitude of a collaboration between the various arts, painting and sculpture reshaped the visual arts. This trip allows us to examine the emergence and development of the Baroque style in painting, sculpture and architecture: Annibale Carracci, Caravaggio, Pietro da Cortona, Maderno, Borromini, and of course Bernini worked in all three of those mediums.

Led by Professors Mathilde Bert and Jonathan Shimony
Cost: 650€ (includes round-trip air transportation, hotel accommodation with breakfast, on-site transportation, entrance fees, guided visits, professors’ trip costs and VAT

Last day to register/cancel: January 27
Late cancelation fee: 650€

Payment for study trips must be made no later than February 8 for the Spring 2019 semester. Any concerns in this regard should be addressed to the Cultural Program & Student Accounting Services.