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Study Trip

Buchenwald and Weimar: The Camp and the Englightenment

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 08:00 to Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 21:00

PO2031 World Politics
CM5001 Global Communications

Buchenwald was a Nazi concentration camp established near Weimar, Germany, along with many satellite camps. Those held there worked primarily as forced labor in horrible conditions that led many to perish. Visit the sub-camps of Ohrdruf and Mittel-Bau-Dora (a system of tunnels for manufacturing the V-2 rocket and the V-1 flying bomb). Buchenwald and the surrounding camps were liberated by the U.S. Army on 11 April 1945. Take part in the commemoration of this event. Visit the beautiful university town of Weimar, a major focal point of the German Enlightenment. It is also where the constitution of the Weimar Republic was written in 1919.

Led by Professors Steven Ekovich and Oleg Kobtzeff

Cost: 600€ (includes round-trip air and train transportation, hotel accommodations with breakfast, on-site transportation, entrance fees, guided visits, professors’ trip costs and VAT)

Last day to register/cancel: January 27
Late cancelation fee: 600€

Payment for study trips must be made no later than February 8 for the Spring 2019 semester. Any concerns in this regard should be addressed to the Cultural Program & Student Accounting Services.