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The Wine Society meets at the Bleu Olive bar

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An informal wine-related gathering was held on November 3rd, at the Bleu Olive bar, a moderne and cozy bistro, located rue de Grenelle in Paris 7th. During this tasting, its owner, Olivier, hosted us with creative and innovative wines, served along with delicious appetisers.

We first started off with white wines, as we were introduced to a deliciously medium-bodied Viognier 2015 (Domaine La Champine, Côte-Rôtie region). Olivier then had us taste a white St-Régis 2015 (Château de la Selve, Ardèche region), which was very aromatic. We then moved on to red wines with a Syrah 2015 (also Domaine La Champine) and, as we tasted this wine, we all agreed on its notes of fresh and vibrant red fruits. Moreover, we got to enjoy a beautifully coloured Dauphin d’Olivier 2009 (Château Olivier in Pessac, near Bordeaux). Before leaving, Olivier pulled out a bottle of Maury (Domaine Dauvergne Ranvier, Northern Rhône), a wine with lovely acidity.

Thank you Olivier for having both hosted us and privatised your fantastic bar. And a special thank you to Catherine, one of our most active club members, for having organised this get-together.

By Alexis Leven-Mentzelopoulos, President of AUP’s Wine Society