"Colorful Syria": A moving exhibition and upcoming auction in the Fine Arts Gallery


The Fine Arts Gallery is Combes is currently showing “Colorful Syria”, an exhibition which presents drawings made by children in war zones in Syria as well as children in refugee camps in Turkey. The show will be up for the rest of the month with an auction on November 29th in the Fine Arts Gallery to benefit Solinfo, the association that supplies the materials to the children who participate in the art workshops.

Solinfo is a French association created in 2002 whose the goal is to improve the living conditions and education of vulnerable children in foreign countries. They began working in Bangladesh, but since 2012 it has also been active in Turkey and Syria with the project named  "Colorful Syria." The association has established several art workshops throughout Syria for the benefit of children who live permanently in a context of war, but also in the south of Turkey in benefit of Syrian children who fled their country.

Every person who has walked through the Combes Gallery has been profoundly moved by the exhibition. - Jonathan Shimony

The exhibited work was made between July and September 2016 in northern Syria and southern Turkey. Although workshops did take place in the Syrian city of Aleppo, the work was, in the end, unobtainable. The hope is that through engaging with art, "Colorful Syria" allows children to “remain children”, to continue to draw, to express what they need to say with or without words. The main theme that was given to the children by the Syrian artists and teachers was "Draw an animal in its natural habitat".

If you would like to come to the auction to support the wonderful work of Solinfo on November 29 at 7pm.

Our pencils are their weapons of defense...