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Reading with Patrick Resonates with the World

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Professor Michelle Kuo’s new book Reading with Patrick, published July 2017 by Random House, has come out to much notice and acclaim.  The book has been shortlisted for the Goddard Riverside Stephan Russo Book Prize for Social Justice, is featured in a New York Times interview with Professor Kuo, and been given prominence in many publications as part of their best books listings.  The magic of the book lies in how Professor Kuo captures an intimate and personal story of her time teaching a former student before and after he is incarcerated in the Mississippi Delta, yet also manages to draw a richly historical portrait of one of the poorest places in America. Their experience in a rural county jail has a powerful influence on the respective journeys of teacher and student.

Professor Kuo, who teaches in AUP’s History, Law, and Society program, has begun a series of book tours, during which her book has stimulated many different conversations—a testament to the breadth and ambition of the book, as well its emotional and  intellectual appeal.  She has spoken with educators about restorative justice and teaching self-love; law students interested in criminal justice in rural areas; Asian American readers who are inspired to engage in dialogues about race, social justice, and inequality; and people in Arkansas and Mississippi who are passionate about using their churches, colleges, and local resources to create literacy and re-entry programs in rural county jails and state prisons. Her upcoming tour takes her to Taiwan.  The book’s popularity and her book tour experience suggest that Professor Kuo’s message is already having an impact.

Join Professor Kuo and the AUP community for a celebration of Reading with Patrick on Tuesday, November 7th ; details to be provided on the website Events calendar.