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Toshio Shimamura's Photography Exhibition in the Combes Art Gallery

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January 18, 2018 marked the opening of internationally celebrated photographer Toshio Shimamura’s latest exhibition, ‘It Could Be Another.’ This exhibition, curated by Mme Lina Davidov, presents fresh work of Toshio’s in The Combes Gallery for students, staff, faculty and guests to appreciate and discuss.

Toshio was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1953. He studied Industrial Design at l’Ecole Nationale de Création Industrielle (Les Ateliers) in Paris until 1987. Afterward, he spent 3 years in New York as the assistant to designer Gaetano Pesce. While in New York, he found photography as his primary mode of expression.

His first photography exposition was in Kyoto in 2001. Since then, he has had expositions around Japan, Spain and France. Among other honors, Toshio was a finalist for the 2010 Prix de Photographie de l’Académie de Beaux-Arts.

The pamphlet for ‘It Could Be Another,’ found at the exhibition, gives a series of adjectives – such as ‘sensual, melancholic, fabulous and delicate’ – to describe some of what Toshio hopes to achieve with his photography, this particular series of black and whites is of cloud formations.

Quand je regarde transquillement les nuages dans le ciel, un flux de pensées sort de ma tête. Sans doute anodins, mais pour moi, juste des moment secrets. Et j'attends toujour d'autres nuages / When I look up at the clouds drifting through the sky, a stream of thoughts flies out of my head. Likely innocuous, but for me just secret moments. And still I'm waiting for other clouds.

Toshio Shimamura

This exhibition is made possible by the tireless work of Professor Jonathan Shimony and The Combes Gallery. Special thanks to guest curator Lina Davidov and the artist.

'It Could Be Another' will run in the The Combes Gallery until 10 February 2018.

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