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AUP Announces Doris Daughney as New Board Chair

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Doris Daughney

On February 3, 2020, the outgoing Chair of AUP’s Board of Trustees, Raymond F. Henze III, announced to the AUP community that Doris Daughney had been unanimously elected to take up the role of Chair as of May 2020. Henze will conclude his second term as Chair, a role in which he has served for six years, before continuing on as a trustee for the foreseeable future.

“Doris Daughney has been deeply committed to AUP since she joined the Board eight years ago,” said Henze in his letter to the AUP community. “She will bring to her new role her indefatigable energy and vision, as well as considerable leadership experience in business, government and nonprofit organizations.” Daughney is an active member of several board committees, having served as Chair of the Enrollment Committee.

During her tenure as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Daughney will oversee the next stage of AUP’s strategic plan, AUP Ascending 2020–25, working alongside AUP’s Leadership Team to continue ensuring the University’s upward mobility. President Celeste M. Schenck commented, “I am excited to work at her side as AUP transitions into the next chapter of its growth and development as a leading provider of American education in Europe.”

Daughney herself is enthusiastic about rising to this new challenge. “AUP offers a 21st-century education that prepares students to address the most pressing issues of our time,” she said. “It provides a laboratory in which its students develop cultural intelligence and border-crossing skills, never more necessary than at the present moment.” A key element of the Chair’s responsibilities is ensuring the implementation of the University’s mission: that of providing a student-centered, career-focused, transformative education to the global explorers that are its students.

Doris Daughney is a graduate of the University of Toronto and the first Canadian to hold the position of Chair of AUP’s Board of Trustees. She is former Chair of the Vancouver Stock Exchange, the British Columbia Pavilion Corporation, the Vancouver Opera Association, and the Children’s Arts Umbrella association. She has extensive experience in both corporate and government roles, serving on boards in financial and communications fields. She lives between Canada and France.