Alumnae Return to Campus to Share Data Science Expertise


Graduating students from The American University in Paris often go on to enjoy international careers in many exciting fields. But the AUP connection doesn’t end at graduation; alumni regularly return to campus to share their professional expertise with the next generation. It’s a win-win situation, as students benefit from immersion in a professional context, while alumni meet, network and collaborate with inquiring minds on the cusp of entering the workforce.

AUP’s MSc in Human Rights and Data Science offers great examples of alumni sharing their expertise in the classroom. The intersection of the two fields creates an exciting specialism, and students looking to work at that meeting point benefit from close contact with active professionals. The close-knit nature of the AUP community allows for an intimate classroom environment and deep, engaged discussion among participants.

In Fall semester 2022, two alumnae returned to teach data science classes as part of the program. Marie-Clémence Canaud ’97 [1] is Coordinator of Health Statistics at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Her experience in using large datasets to help guide processes for collecting and reporting health indicators within an international organization was fertile ground for in-class discussions surrounding ethical data use.

Canaud [1] spoke to students taking Data Science: Methods and Context. The class helps students think critically about data use, teaching them to ethically apply data science when addressing global challenges. The ensuing discussion linked cultural, legal and technical questions, uniting AUP community members past and present in considering global problems.

Jennifer Guedj ’10 also returned to campus, in her case to run a workshop focusing on data subject rights as part of the program’s Data Protection class. Guedj currently works for Estée Lauder as the Legal Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Her workshop offered students a comprehensive view of data subject rights under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – something she has previously worked with in context as a Data Protection Officer for the same company. Students learned how to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios in varied professional contexts, in each case discussing legal constraints and best practices relating to the GDPR.

To view the full curriculum for the MSc in Human Rights and Data Science, visit the program page by clicking below.

[1] The views and opinions expressed are those of Mme. Canaud and do not reflect those of the Organisation, or its Member countries.