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AUP Magazine Asks “Why Do We Need International Cooperation?”


The 2022–23 academic year has been an exciting time of change at The American University of Paris. We’ve welcomed a new President, and we’ve continued to consider the University’s evolving strategic direction, contemplating what makes our community unique and asking big questions about AUP’s place in the world. 

With that in mind, the Fall 2023 issue of the AUP Magazine explores the University's founding principles of international cooperation and cultural exchange, highlighting their ongoing importance to our global community. How can we best forward these values as an institution and as a community in 2023 and beyond? 

To begin to answer these questions in this issue’s main feature piece, we turned to our on-campus community. We set up a booth in the Combes Student Life Center, right outside of the AMEX Café, and invited students, staff and faculty to give their answers to camera in response to the question “Why do we need international cooperation?” Their responses were full of passion, confirming a continuing belief in the importance of this core AUP principle. 

All throughout the new issue of the magazine, you’ll find stories that confirm our community’s commitment to furthering international cooperation, whether it’s one alumna’s mission to tackle eco-grief in humanitarian workers, a research center’s efforts to tackle deradicalization across borders, or a student club prioritizing intersectional feminist activism.  

You’ll also find a story exploring branding studies at AUP, and a feature photo essay highlighting how AUP’s Cultural Program encourages students to engage with multiple perspectives through the University’s long-running tradition of study trips. That’s alongside the usual review of events on and off campus over the last twelve months and alumni updates via our Class Notes section. 

We hope, as you read the magazine’s pages, you consider your own beliefs about the importance of international cooperation. You can read the full issue online now – as well as all past issues of the magazine – on the AUP Magazine web page.