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AUP’s Alumni Community Expands Global Participation


At AUP, the alumni network counts over 20,000 members spanning 145 countries. Through initiatives such as the Global Mentoring Program to the Alumni Compass newsletter featuring curated opportunities to give back, alumni affairs are dedicated to highlighting the strength and power of global community. “AUP’s alumni network is one of its most valuable assets,” said Courtney R. Stombock, AUP’s Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations, newly appointed to the role. “Alumni worldwide truly provide a wealth of knowledge to the institution, our students and each other.”

Alumni can engage in many different activities that support AUP’s vibrant student campus throughout the year. Participating in AUP alumni’s volunteer programs with regional Chapter leaders creates a supportive network between alumni and current students. In March 2023, a number of successful events were held during Founding Week, the annual celebration of community members that took place in 16 cities and drew 145 alumni, connecting the worldwide alumni community.

Launched in 2018, the “Alumni Welcome Parties” have steadily grown in outreach and are currently held on two continents in cities like Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Stockholm, Washington D.C., Boston, London and San Francisco. With an expansion of Welcome Parties in more cities on the horizon, the previous eight events have had a total of 342 registrations, marking a three-fold increase in event registration since 2019.

Holly Rudd, AUP’s Alumni Engagement Coordinator fondly recalls a memorable experience at an alumni gathering. “The testimonies shared with me at recent alumni events in Paris and London have been energizing.” Staff members like Rudd reflect on the opportunity to meet alumni from all over the world who are involved in diverse industries from finance, journalism, fashion and fragrance to marketing. “An AUP alumna once shared a story with me about her years after attending AUP. The cultural exchange experience of being an AUP student remains an active part of her life. Years later, the connections she made at AUP led her, for example, to attend the weddings of her former classmates in places like the country of Georgia and Damascus, Syria (pre-war).”

Most recently, an “Alumni Welcome Party” was held in London at The Lanesborough Hotel and welcomed several key members of the AUP community, including AUP President, Professor Sonya Stephens. “The Lanesborough event was my first time attending an AUP alumni event,” said Emma Cowen who works in AUP’s Office of Communications & Outreach. “I found the community to be so welcoming, engaging and eager to discover new people who share similar experiences. It was a great opportunity to reminisce with alumni and check in about our different life paths since AUP.”

Rudd, who also recognizes the importance of alumni events, emphasized how the enrichment of  the alumni community benefits everyone who participates. “The international experience and education that AUP students receive goes way beyond their time on campus.”

The London event, an enjoyable night for attendees, was generously provided for by an committed alumnus who recently joined the President’s Alumni Advisory Council (PAAC).  Select alumni who donate yearly can serve on PAAC, which currently has 45 members across the globe.

Encouraging global participation in all alumni-related activities is at the heart of AUP’s alumni community commitment. “I have loved hearing from our alumni about how they found AUP as students, what factors have shaped their experiences and what their incredible journeys since graduating or departing from the university have been,” shares Stombock on her personal priority to attend AUP events. For Stombock, as a new member joining AUP in the Vice-President’s office, supporting alumni relations positively impacts campus life for students, faculty members and staff. “Whether it’s alumni connecting with each other through our regional events, welcoming President Stephens and our recent graduates to their cities or connecting with faculty and students on campus, alumni have an incredible opportunity to engage with AUP.”

Today, alumni can connect virtually or in person to serve as volunteer leaders, student mentors or help support the recruitment of prospective students. AUP alumni can connect with AUP alumni affairs on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram at @aupalumni, to stay connected and up-to-date on all alumni events.