University Communications

AUP Commencement Celebrates Class of 2024


On May 24, 2024 our global AUP community proudly celebrated the Class of 2024, recognizing the dedication, resilience, and hard work that brought each graduate to this momentous milestone.  

This class, as those before them, represents the guiding principles that underpin our offering at AUP. Our transformative education challenges all students to become independent thinkers by emphasizing experiential learning, discussion-based inquiry and intellectual growth. In the heart of Paris, we offer students a space for self-discovery, encouraging them to explore and pursue their personal learning journeys. They graduate with the ability to cross both disciplinary and cultural borders with ease and assume their places as responsible actors and leaders with a sense of commitment to, and responsibility for, a world held in common.

You are here because you have a broader view of life. […] You have not been taught what to think, you have been taught how to think. And you will do it very well. We need your intelligence. We need your generosity, your spirit. And most importantly, we need your heart. I ask you today to bring your heart to whatever endeavor you choose to pursue. We need you to give lots of thought to this big ailing world of ours and to decide that you want to make a difference, in ways big and small. And that won’t happen unless you are willing to step outside yourselves. I am here today, challenging you to step outside your comfort zone if you are going to make a lasting and positive impact on this world.”

Deborah Ann Roberts Commencement Speaker

To our graduates, throughout your time at AUP you have shown a remarkable commitment to these ideals and championed academic excellence, cultural exchange, and global understanding. Facing unprecedented challenges, including a global pandemic, you emerge stronger and more resilient as you take your first steps toward a meaningful career of your choice. We honor not only your academic achievements but also your contributions to the AUP community through leadership, service, and community. You have built lasting friendships and networks that will support you for years to come, laying a strong foundation for your future pursuits. As you transition to alumnihood, remember you are part of a global network of AUP graduates, providing support and opportunities worldwide. Stay in touch and visit often, Class of 2024.  

Congratulations—celebrate this milestone, cherish the memories, and step confidently into your future!