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Julie Hu ’18

Major in International Economics

Julie Hu ’18

What brought you to Paris for your undergraduate studies? 

Having spent my junior high and high school years in the US, I knew I wanted to stay in the American education system when I came back home to Paris. That’s when I found out about AUP. I was used to studying in English and thrilled to be able to meet students from all over the world. My favorite memories of AUP have to do with all the people I met there: peers, friends and professors. I still talk with friends from this time, and we laugh together about our time in Paris. I have also kept in touch with some of my teachers, who taught me a lot both inside and outside the classroom. They were some of the most caring professors I got to know throughout all my studies. 

How has your time at AUP impacted your life and career? 

I made a lot of important decisions about my future while at AUP. At first, I chose to major in economics because it was a subject in which I got good grades. I added minors in applied mathematics and statistics. But as I spent more time in the department, I developed great affinities with my teachers and fellow students. Learning about economics became something fun and enjoyable. This led me to pursue a master's in the subject. I specialized in data, and today I work for an insurance company as a data analyst. This passion for data was fostered during my time at AUP within my small community in economics. 

What advice would you offer AUP students entering your field? 

Keep all your notes! I have kept all my notes from important subjects, and I still occasionally go back to them. Also, develop your programming skills and do not be afraid to ask for help. The teachers I met at AUP were more than willing to help answer any questions I had, and they would dedicate time outside the classroom to go over certain subjects. Take advantage of their kindness because you will not necessarily find it again later on! My advice is to build strong foundations while you can.