Selin Atasoy ’95

Major in International Business Administration

Selin Atasoy '95

What was life in Paris like for you? 

I came to AUP from the United States intending to stay for only a year, but I ended up staying until the end of my degree. I rented a tiny studio apartment on the Rue de Grenelle. Every morning as I walked to campus with a sandwich mixte in my hand, I felt utterly happy. Nothing beats small classes, excellent professors, amazing friends, a spectacular city, the excitement of overcoming life's challenges, the surprises of growing up and a great smile. 

What’s your best memory of the AUP classroom? 

I was studying business but had a fixation on Freudian psychology and literature. When I decided to write my final paper on "Prostitution in Paris," my then professor, the incredible Darian Leader, completely supported my decision. Writing that paper took more than I expected; I delivered it at the end of the summer, way after we received our grades. But it changed my life; I knew from that moment that I wanted to write. After college, I worked in the advertising and marketing sector for quite some time, but, in the end, I found my way to writing crime stories, TV dramas, theater plays and documentaries. I owe my career to AUP and Professor Leader.  

What advice would you offer AUP students today? 

Being at AUP and in Paris allowed me to explore different aspects of life, fields of education and subjects of interest. But most of all I got to know myself better. Stepping outside your comfort zone is the most challenging thing in life – but it is definitely worth the effort! We live in a world where being multidisciplinary is increasingly important. That’s why the American education system is so full of advantages. Being in Paris is also a privilege. I hope you make the most of it!